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5 Ways Wedding Officiant Services Save You Time, Money and Stress

So you’re planning a wedding and wondering about the merits of hiring wedding officiant services? In addition to the things you’d expect of me as a Taos wedding officiant, I’d like to share some of the additional “little” things I do that add to the value of using my services. This is especially important if . . .

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What’s Your Backup Plan?

Do you have contingency plans for your wedding day? I hate bringing you down (but it is just for a moment) to the possibilities of an emergency situation on the day you’re planning with such care. What got me thinking about it was the call I got last night for availability after a couple learned . . .

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Review Gratitude

As a northern New Mexico wedding officiant, offering services in unique wedding locations, such as SpiriTaos, I have to convey my reputation to prospective couples. My website does this fairly well, but as everyone knows, one’s website paints the picture that they want to present. I hope that is an accurate portrayal of the wedding . . .

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Preparations & Going with the Flow

One of my slogans, if you will, is that I’m flexible on your wedding day so that you don’t have to be. As a northern New Mexico wedding officiant – I actually prefer the term wedding celebrant as it denotes celebration – I encounter many situations where flexibility enhances the quality of the wedding, particularly . . .

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Utilizing Your Officiant as a Resource

It is likely that any professional can list a wide range of questions they’re asked by their clientele. So I don’t consider my experience as a Northern New Mexico wedding officiant to be any different. And I’m delighted that my experience of working with hundreds of couples over the years can make me a legitimate . . .

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Eloping to Northern New Mexico, particularly the Taos area, has a great deal of appeal. It is a unique and beautiful mountainous area steeped in the mystique of creativity and spirituality. The Taos, New Mexico area offers myriad opportunities and locations for those choosing to elope. Before I go further let me explain my use . . .

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Budgeting Wedding Priorities

Where, in the long list of expenses for your big day, does your wedding officiant fit in? Comparing costs for the venue, the flowers, the rings isn’t easy, but the costs are somewhat tangible as you compare from vendor to vendor. You can consider tradeoffs such as selecting a venue that has such a stunning . . .

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Choosing a Venue

You and your fiancé have an exciting time ahead of you as you collaborate to make an infinite number of decisions about your upcoming wedding. Early on you’ll be deciding where to have your wedding. Many decisions can’t be finalized until you have made this critical choice. Finding a unique wedding location is one of . . .

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Teaming with Your Wedding Officiant

So you’re newly engaged and starting the process of planning your wedding day! Exciting as well as a little challenging, but as you embark you’ll find there are a lot of great resources at hand. There are wedding shows, wedding websites and eager professionals to help with the flowers, cake and venue. Couples seem to . . .

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